About Us

On our own, we’re Britt and Sarah, two personal trainers and fitness fanatics from Hobart, Tasmania. But together, we’re High on Luxe!

Working in a gym together and realising the lack of designer Active Wear available in the local market, it was a no-brainer to bring luxe brands to Hobart for our clients and their friends and family to wear. As personal trainers, we know what it’s like to spend 18 + hours per day in Active Wear, so we appreciate the need to feel comfortable and be confident in our clothing. If we can last from 6am to 8pm in comfort and style, we know we can help you feel the same, no matter what level you’re training at.

To bring these brands to Hobart, we have reached out to clients, gym members, friends and family, and given them the chance to try the brands we are stocking. We’re achieving continued success through pop-up shops, product showcases, and of course, online shopping.

Be confident in the fact that we trial and test the brands we stock so we can recommend them to you. Each item is tested through all intensity levels – whether it be instructing or participating in classes, such as Pump, Spin, HIIT, Cross Training, Boxing – the list goes on! We are able to work at our peak levels in the training gear we sell, while feeling confident and comfortable.

Our main goal as trainers is to inspire and motivate our clients, to help them become fit, strong, and healthy, to reach their own goals and to feel happy and confident. Through our own experience, we have found one really important concept to meeting these goals – training attire. It might sound silly to some, but when you feel stylish, confident and comfortable in your Active Wear, you’re halfway there.

People have misconceptions of personal trainers, thinking we’re 100% on 100% of the time, but just like with any profession, we’re guilty of not wanting to get out of bed, hitting the snooze button, and saying, not today! But then we remember those new pair of tights we treated ourselves to and we’re ready to smash out the morning’s session.

We understand and identify the link between comfort and training, especially in women. We’ll bring those two together and assist you in meeting your fitness goals while making you feel comfortable and confident at the same time.